Time management tips for field sales rep

This is a universal truth that time is money. This truth implements more in the field of sales, so finding an easy way to save your time and effort is very important. If you’re in need of different methods to save your time, the following are the tips for time management.

  1. Agreements should be signed with a digital contract anywhere in the field.

  2. Avoid different distractions like music, games and even people when you need to get things done.

  3. Set time limits for each task. For example, a sales rep should set a certain time limit for finding Customers through the map or Making quotations. 

  4. The Sales rep should plan deals effectively ahead of time.

  5. A sales rep needs to avoid multitasking because it slows down the ability to do quality work. Your focus divides into many things and you can’t do your tasks with full attention. So performing one task at a time effectively is a better way.

  6. The tasks you feel are difficult, try doing them first in the morning. So you can do other tasks with a relaxed mind and your day will be productive.

  7. Sales reps should follow the “2-Minute Rule”. Any task that takes less than or a total of 2 minutes should be done right away.  A salesperson should be very much focused on his time management skills.

  8. Territories should be clear to the sales rep, so they already know where to go. 

  9. Use the team-chat option of Latytude to keep the team connected. This is an effective way to ensure that everyone knows the whole conversation.

  10. Latytude is keeping a record of your meetings, products and expenses. So your sales reps don’t have to waste time on keeping records. 

  11. Our payment method will save you time and effort. We provide almost every functionality a sales rep needs!

If you find these tips for time management helpful, try our free demo with us to learn how we can help you further.